23 Jan 2012
Launching The Challenge for Detroit  ChallengeDetroit.org 1

Launching The Challenge for Detroit ChallengeDetroit.org

Ahhh the sense, the smell of a freshly launched website…. and the nice thing is you continue to bake these things, so that exciting aroma lasts for quite some time.  Working in conjunction with The Collaborative Group, of which we are proud members, Formcode has just launched the first round of www.challengedetroit.org. More to come on […]

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27 Jun 2011

The Velocity Cow having a website redesign being done…

So yeah, you heard it here first, we are now in the process of grooming the Velocity Cow website redesign from a somewhat malnourished calf to a husky cow. Full on detroit website redesign for those mad-cow as they make their way down to their new offices in Harmonie Park. We’ve taken down the old site, plastered […]

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