19 Dec 2013
Happy Holidays from Formcode! 1

Happy Holidays from Formcode!

Formcode would like to wish everyone a safe happy holiday season and a fantastic New Year! As a fun treat for our readers and clients we have made an interactive holiday themed web oracle. We present to you Formbot!  Formbot has been programed with the latest in cutting edge technology. He takes readings from the […]

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04 Dec 2013
41st Annual Noel Night 2

41st Annual Noel Night

There is a crisp chill in the air and we have already seen the first snowfall of the year, but the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without attending Midtown Detroit’s 41st annual Noel Night.  This year, Noel Night is on Saturday December 7th from 5:00pm to 10:00pm in Detroit’s Cultural Center.  There will be open […]

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20 Nov 2013
The Opening to a Great Season 3

The Opening to a Great Season

That time of year has come again! The Detroit Christmas tree lighting ceremony is upon us.  This Friday, November 22nd Campus Martius Park will host a tree lighting ceremony and the annual winter festivities. The day will begin at noon with a Holiday Market and culminate in the tree lighting ceremony at 5:00pm.  The night […]

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22 Oct 2013
Clowns, Devils & Witches! Oh My! 4

Clowns, Devils & Witches! Oh My!

Clowns, Devils & Witches! The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny, but this week the season has finally caught up with us, it’s autumn!  We here at Formcode love this time of year.  And Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We have decorated our homes, prepared our costumes, and carved our pumpkins.  We […]

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11 Jun 2013
Considering a website redesign? 5

Considering a website redesign?

Considering a redesign of your website? What should you do first? Many times clients come to us and say they would like to redesign their website. When asked basic questions like, what purpose will your website serve? Or what is your budget? Many clients give us a blank stare. Building a website is a complex […]

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30 Apr 2013
The Work of Art 6

The Work of Art

The Work of Art Formcode begins its creative process with a conceptual thought and ends with a visionary solution. Not every individual has the talent to work in a creative field but everyone should be given the opportunity to determine whether their calling lies in the arts. But, with the budgets cuts plaguing education today […]

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08 Oct 2012
Formcode's Client Quiz 7

Formcode’s Client Quiz

Designer-Client relationships can be joyous or torturous, simple or convoluted, surgical or surgery inducing. You get the picture. The best clients always tend to be the easiest, something any designer will tell you. We’re no different. Take this facetious client quiz and see where you fit in. 1. When writing a request email to your designer you… […]

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02 Oct 2012
Cool 404 Pages: Helping Users Forget Your Website's Errors 9

Cool 404 Pages: Helping Users Forget Your Website’s Errors

Nobody likes running into 404 pages. They’re the ‘Out of Order’ signs of the Web. However, many companies have decided to make them a little more bearable through clever design. After all, the default 404 page (above…yeah, you know what it looks like) isn’t the most professional or aesthetically pleasing option. Ideally, you never want […]

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01 Oct 2012
A Handful of Handy Apps 12

A Handful of Handy Apps

Turntable.fm The amount of truly genius apps that have surfaced since the inception of smart phones has been astounding and, frankly, a testament to the ever-present ingenuity that exists in our world. We thought we’d take some time to share a few favorites that are as cool as they are handy. Enjoy! Find My iPhone […]

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10 Sep 2012
Ah, Autumn In Michigan! 14

Ah, Autumn In Michigan!

This past weekend brought something we haven’t felt in Michigan for quite some time: cold air. Whether we’re ready for it or not, autumn is upon us. It’s a particularly beautiful time of the year in our state – full of color, vibrancy and cider. Needless to say, none of us are complaining. Here are […]

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