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Print Marketing, Not “Past” Marketing

Print Marketing, Not "Past" Marketing 1

The day people started socializing online is probably the day you figured print marketing was dead. With many people carrying out the brunt of their social interactions on a computer screen, it makes sense that advertisements would migrate from paper to monitor. And they have. However, there will always be demand and use for print advertisements.

While online marketing does present many advantages, there are certain aspects of print marketing that still trump the digital alternative. For one, physical advertisements are much more durable. Not just in a sense that you can actually feel, carry and basically do anything else you please with them (paper airplanes?), but also in a way that commands your attention. How often have you sifted through your email, mechanically deleting messages you don’t care about? It’s a fairly ecumenical trait. Print ads have a shelf life that will continue long after a consumer clicks “delete” on an email.

Uniformity is a must for all of your business’ print advertisements. Having the same logo and design on your materials will help establish your brand as highly unique and easily identifiable. While we are mostly known as web designers by many of our clients, we got our start in the business designing print materials. We understand how important it is for businesses, particularly small ones, to carry out print marketing campaigns that will increase their visibility. This is a service we still provide and recommend for our clients.

It’s important to understand that marketing is never about just one medium. Sure, online is a huge one right now, but a successful marketing campaign utilizes as many mediums as possible to reach as many people as possible. Your business cannot exist solely as a virtual entity. After all, you are dealing with real people. They want to see physical materials such as posters, brochures and business cards that will further legitimize your business. There are too many scam artists trolling the Internet. Showing your business isn’t one of them is always appreciated!