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Don’t Sleep On Email Marketing

Don't Sleep On Email Marketing 1

Sometimes taking something for granted is really a form of flattery. Let’s talk email, for instance. Email has been around for the better part of your lifetime, better because your life is undoubtedly just that thanks to it. In fact, the Dark Ages could easily be expanded from the period of intellectual deficiency in 10th century Europe to every moment in time before email was created.

So how does such an extraordinary service become so ordinary? Well, success is one answer. Email does so much for us on a daily basis that it’s sometimes easy to forget it’s there. It’s that engrained in our lives, and while social media outlets grab today’s headlines when it comes to how we communicate and do business, email marketing remains as one of the best solutions for reaching an audience.

Email marketing is one of the most effective techniques of online marketing for a few reasons:

  • It’s cheap!

All you really need is Internet connection and email management software for sending eBlasts (will explain later).

  • Keep ‘em updated

It’s the simplest way of contacting your audience and updating them with information related to your business.

  • Fully customizable

With the help of authentic email management software, you can address each person by his or her first name as well as schedule a date and time for automatic delivery.

The most efficient and effective form of email marketing involves eBlasts – mass emails sent all at once to a large mailing list. Don’t let the word “mass” fool you. This isn’t spam. In fact, Formcode can help personalize the text and images as well as create a custom sign-off template for each email you wish to send to clients and customers. For those who do not have images enabled in their email account, we will provide text that accurately describes them so nothing is lost in translation. Understanding how important navigation is, we make sure each email fits correctly. No scrolling for your main message, just reading.

As previously mentioned, email marketing is a relatively cheap and easy technique, but money and effort can be wasted when used incorrectly. A few pitfalls we can help you avoid include:

  • Not coding your campaign properly to work and look correct in multiple email programs.
  • Using only graphics for your message without support of text elements (users with images disabled won’t see your message at all).
  • Large or improperly sized graphics for standard viewing in email programs.

Email marketing is just another service we can provide for our clients. It’s also one that often gets overlooked by companies. Don’t be one of them! The value of email is something that will never depreciate. As depicted in the graphic above, email continues to dwarf alternative communication outlets in total accounts and daily activity, making it the most valuable real estate on the Internet.