06 Dec 2016
Spence Brothers, Commercial Construction Website

New Commercial Construction Website – Spence Brothers

New Commercial Construction Website Launch for Spence Brothers Spence Brothers (spencebrothers.com), is a family-owned, Michigan based commercial construction company. Spence Brothers have built and managed large and small projects all over the State of Michigan. Spence Brothers were well overdue to for a commercial construction website and reached out to us to design and build a […]

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15 Apr 2016

New eCommerce Website – Walkie-Chalk

eCommerce website for a Michigan-based startup company New eCommerce Website Launch for Walkie-Chalk Walkie-Chalk, a start-up company in the toy industry, was looking to launch an eCommerce website to serve individuals and wholesalers alike. The founders of this Birmingham, MI start-up, Matt & Shauna, were looking for a fun, colorful design to compliment their fun, colorful product. […]

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12 Feb 2016
Spartan Motors Website

New Automotive Manufacturer Website – Spartan Motors

  New Automotive Manufacturer Website for Spartan Motors Spartan Motors (NASDAQ: SPAR) a leading automotive manufacturer of Emergency and Fleet Vehicles, was looking to consolidate over a dozen automotive manufacturing websites spread across several of their business units to update their overall web presence. The automotive manufacturing company wanted to rebrand all of their business units with […]

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15 May 2012
Welcoming Werk-Brau 1

Welcoming Werk-Brau

Out with the old, in with the new. That was Werk-Brau’s mind-set when they came to us for a new look. However, that’s the only thing the company plans on changing when it comes to how they operate. Since 1947, they’ve been manufacturing and producing the highest quality specialty products for heavy equipment out of […]

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31 Oct 2011
Get cha MOTOR runnin... designing complex UI and UX 3

Get cha MOTOR runnin… designing complex UI and UX

We have had the great privilege to work with a great organization and the fine people within that organization. Building complicated user interfaces (UI) isn’t always easy to do when your starting from within new territory or even a old and broken standard that has been standardized and deemed the ‘norm’.  It may not be […]

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09 Jun 2011
April launch of custom website for JRNN! 5

April launch of custom website for JRNN!

April 2011 brought the launch of a new custom website for JRNN.  JRNN is a newspaper network company, they supply the platform for community newspapers to reach their audience in the areas of Michigan, Ohio, Philadelphia, New York and Connecticut. We had the opportunity to take their current website and give it a complete overhaul.  […]

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