05 Sep 2012
Grooveshark App Reappears Only To Be Swallowed Whole 1

Grooveshark App Reappears Only To Be Swallowed Whole

  As many of you probably don’t know (but should), Grooveshark is our music streaming app of choice in the office. So, naturally, we were geeked to see a Grooveshark iPhone app make another appearance in the App Store earlier this month after previously being pulled almost two years ago. That’s right – a mere five […]

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29 Aug 2012
A Look At the Original Photoshop 3

A Look At the Original Photoshop

People are well aware of how old Macs are (almost 30 years now, if you aren’t). What many aren’t aware of is how old one of its most beloved apps is: Photoshop. This is one we couldn’t be much more fond of, as we use it pretty much every day in our office. So let […]

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21 Aug 2012
Talkin' 'Bout Holograms 10

Talkin’ ‘Bout Holograms

Apple is set to make George Lucas’ work look prosaic. The Star Wars auteur was one of the first to depict holograms 35 years ago. Now, Apple is bringing his visionary foresight to the visual forefront… or are they? Hordes of fake videos depicting holographic capabilities for the new iPhone and iPad have been storming […]

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14 Aug 2012
Olympic Memes: Web Design Edition 13

Olympic Memes: Web Design Edition

This year’s London Olympic Games was a 16 day event that, frankly, couldn’t have been any longer. In fact, we’re having a hard time remembering exactly what was going on before they began. But now that the whole thing is over with and Bob Costas is no longer a fixture in your living room, it’s […]

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08 Aug 2012
Apple Dumps YouTube; Battle Wages On 19

Apple Dumps YouTube; Battle Wages On

There are few things more poignant than a good old-fashioned breakup. The tumultuousness of it all causes both parties to do and say things they don’t mean. Feelings are hurt. Possessions are claimed like at a foreclosed home auction. It’s a gloomy affair. Apple and Google are in the midst of a similar rift. The […]

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06 Aug 2012
Macs on Mars 25

Macs on Mars

Today’s big news came in alien form.  At around 1:30 a.m. ET, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, aka Curiosity, attempted and succeeded in landing on Mars. The 2.6 billion dollar rover made a dramatic arrival on the Red Planet that was described by NASA scientists as “seven minutes of terror.” The ridiculously complex procedure involved the […]

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01 Aug 2012
Calvin Johnson (aka 'Megatron') Sighting! 28

Calvin Johnson (aka ‘Megatron’) Sighting!

We’re pretty sure Detroit Lions fans would have been pleased to be around Formcode this morning. Superstar receiver and Madden NFL 13 cover athlete (see below) Calvin Johnson was participating in a photo shoot right outside our office (see above)! Standing 6’5 and weighing a solid 240 lbs, we got to see firsthand why Calvin’s […]

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01 Aug 2012
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Detroit Olympics 31

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Detroit Olympics

Ah, the Olympics are upon us. The quadrennial games have been sweeping the globe and producing more headlines than the upcoming presidential election, The Dark Knight Rises and Penn State combined. Incidentally, hundreds of spectators found themselves in Detroit last week for the first-ever Live Downtown Games, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Live Downtown Program. […]

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25 Jul 2012
Roaring For OS X Mountain Lion 33

Roaring For OS X Mountain Lion

  For those of you who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Apple’s new OS, Mountain Lion, you needn’t wait any longer. That’s right – ‘sometime in July’ (Apple’s über specific launch date) turned out to be today, July 25. Mountain Lion, the ninth installment of OS X releases, is available for a mere $19.99 […]

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25 Jul 2012
Happy Belated Birthday, iPhone! 35

Happy Belated Birthday, iPhone!

On June 29 of last month, the iPhone celebrated its 5th birthday. Did that sentence just fill you with nostalgic flashbacks of using the GPS-enabled Maps app for the first time (pure magic) or playing Angry Birds? Well, it shouldn’t. The original iPhone didn’t even have GPS capability and Angry Birds wasn’t released until a […]

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