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Formcode’s Client Quiz

Formcode's Client Quiz 1

Designer-Client relationships can be joyous or torturous, simple or convoluted, surgical or surgery inducing. You get the picture. The best clients always tend to be the easiest, something any designer will tell you. We’re no different. Take this facetious client quiz and see where you fit in.

1. When writing a request email to your designer you…
a. Disregard the English language and opt for academic acronyms such as “OMG” and “ROFL.”
b. Rattle it off quickly because you’re busy, failing to catch that you didn’t actually type “Good luck!”
c. Compose a thoughtful, well-written email explaining exactly what it is you need.

2. When in need of an important answer you…
a. “Pop in” late on a Friday.
b. Call at 3 a.m. (Hint: studies show that designers do sleep)
c. Call during office hours.

3. When requesting a quote from a prospective designer you…
a. Decline to speak until getting a figure.
b. Pose as a fake company and request via email.
c. Explain what you’re looking for in a detailed manner.

4. When explaining what kind of website you want you…
a. Bring printouts of another website and yell, “I WANT THAT ONE!”
b. Say you want the website that’s going to make you the most money.
c. Provide examples of what you’re looking for and ask for feedback.

5. When you want a project revised you…
a. Demand immediate changes with little to no explanation.
b. Act coy and pretend you wanted something else to begin with.
c. Accurately describe the changes and ask if they will result in a fee.

6. When you catch an error on your finalized website you…
a. Call immediately, hurling expletives left and right only to realize you dialed your mother.
b. Call in a very passive-aggressive tone, over-enunciating everything you say and demanding restitution.
c. Call, explain the error, and see what can be done about it.

7. When confronted about a payment error you…
a. Declare bankruptcy.
b. Mail another check you “forgot” to sign to buy more time.
c. Ask what the error is and fix it as soon as possible.

8. Your business is…
a. Enron.
b. “An idea for a t-shirt company, but we need you to make the designs, too.”
c. A Fortune 500 company.

Designer’s Response Key

A’s: We know a fabulous therapist in the area.

B’s: Yeeeah, we’re just really busy at the moment and can’t field any new projects.

C’s: We are so glad you got in touch with us. Let’s do business!