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A Handful of Handy Apps

A Handful of Handy Apps

The amount of truly genius apps that have surfaced since the inception of smartphones has been astounding and, frankly, a testament to the ever-present ingenuity that exists in our world. We thought we’d take some time to share a few favorites that are as cool as they are handy. Enjoy!

Find My iPhone

Along with your car keys and wallet/purse, there is nothing you are more likely to lose than your cell phone. Keeping that in mind, and the fact that iPhones aren’t exactly cheap, this app is pretty much a must-have. If you happen to lose your phone, Apple’s Find My iPhone app will pinpoint its location on a map. If it happens to be very close to you, the app will signal your handset to produce a sound for two minutes at full volume. Perhaps the coolest feature – Find My iPhone can remotely cause the data on your phone to self-destruct if stolen. That’s some James Bond stuff.


This app is extremely simple and clever. It basically lets you know if you’re being ripped off at the register. If you’re out shopping, ShopSavvy lets you know if there’s a better deal for whatever it is you’re buying, either online or at a nearby store. By scanning the barcode on the product, the app will bring up cheaper alternatives for the same item. A gem for shoppers everywhere.


Here’s another money saver, especially with gas prices being the way they are these days. A location-based service, GasBuddy locates where you are and, using crowd-sourced updates, determines the cheapest gas prices in your area. You can even filter by gas type in addition to distance and price. There are few more frustrating things than paying top dollar for gas and driving by a cheaper station just minutes later. GasBuddy will always spare you from this scenario.


We’ve all had those moments when we hear a song in public and are just dying to know what it is. In this instance, Shazam is as magical as its name suggests it is. Using your phone’s mic input, the app can quickly find the artist and track information you so desperately seek. It then gives you the option to download the song or learn more about the artists. Definitely a marvel for music lovers.

Sticking with music, this is pretty much the most interactive way of listening to it short of going to an actual show. is basically a social version of Pandora. Joining a room is almost like joining an actual concert venue. Users can take turns spinning their favorite tunes for the rest of the crowd or just sit back and listen if they don’t feel like playing DJ. It’s a very cool way of learning what others are listening to out there.


This is a new one, so we’re most likely the first ones to be telling you about it if you happen to be reading this. Uber is just what it claims to be – everyone’s private driver. Using the app, you can request for a private driver which will automatically be charged to your credit card on file. A receipt will be emailed to you. This is a great one for getting around in a big city, especially if you’re just visiting and aren’t sure of your surroundings.

Check out all of these apps if you haven’t already. They’re sure to make a positive impact in your life at some point or another. One of the first questions people tend to ask when told about an app is, “Is it free?” We’re pleased to say that all of the ones mentioned in this post are, which only adds to their awesomeness.