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Ah, Autumn In Michigan!

Ah, Autumn In Michigan! 1

This past weekend brought something we haven’t felt in Michigan for quite some time: cold air. Whether we’re ready for it or not, autumn is upon us. It’s a particularly beautiful time of the year in our state – full of color, vibrancy and cider. Needless to say, none of us are complaining. Here are a few fun things going on around us that you should leave room on your calendar for.

Cider Mills

In particular, the Franklin Cider Mill, which is one of the most popular in the state and, more importantly (for us), the closest! Located in Bloomfield Hills on the corner of 14 Mile and Franklin Rd, the Franklin Cider Mill has been producing the finest cider and donuts around since 1837 – more than 20 years before the Civil War, if you can believe it. Everything is old-fashioned at Franklin. You can see cider being pressed and bottled, donuts being baked and pies being crafted. To start your delicious endeavor, visit the State of Michigan Website for directions to the nearest cider mill.

Michigan Renaissance Festival

It’s been going on since August 18, but for those of you who are still interested, you’ll be happy to know it doesn’t end until September 30. The more than a month-long Michigan Renaissance Festival features food, crafts and various forms of charming (and usually goofy) entertainment. Patrons are encouraged to dress the part for this one, whether it be a pirate or damsel in distress. Make your way out to Holly, Michigan, and experience the time travel RenFest provides.

Color Tours

One of the calling cards of the Pure Michigan campaign is the gorgeous colors our trees emanate during this time of the year. While the most stunning ones are often seen in northern Michigan, there are a few enchanting tours to be enjoyed right here in the Detroit area. Browse the State of Michigan Website to find the nearest parks to take in an afternoon of hiking, canoeing, fishing or just good old-fashioned sightseeing. And, of course, bring a camera!

Michigan Sports

Whether you’re taking in a game at Comerica Park, Spartan Stadium, The Big House, Ford Field, or the home of any other sports team you desire, there is no better time to be a fan in Michigan. Football has just kicked off and the Detroit Tigers are finishing up a roller coaster of a season. Catch all of the action while it’s here, but leave the face paint and tacky signs at home. Keep it classy!

Most Michiganders will claim the upcoming fall season as their favorite time of the year, and with good reason. The weather is as enjoyable as anywhere else on the planet and our surroundings are becoming more diverse and beautiful by the day. If you don’t believe us, go outside and see for yourself. Even us web designers have to leave our computers every once in a while, and we’re especially happy to in the fall.