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Web Design Trends To Look Out For in 2023

Planning To Remodel Your Website? Here Are Our 5 Web Design Trends For 2023

Web Design Trends For 2023

Formcode is excited to share our thoughts on the most anticipated web design trends and UX for webpages in 2023. With every new year brings exciting changes, it’s only natural that we prepare a list of what has been popular so far this time around before they become old news! Here are 5 key points:

Colors (Not the Ice-T song)

In 2023, it’s predicted that bold colors will be all the rage. This makes sense for certain types of businesses- especially those who have unique products and services to offer or are in traditional industries like automotive manufacturers suppliers where adding bright vivid colors can make them stand out even more during such a crowded marketplace with many competitors vying for attention.

I think this is an excellent opportunity if you’re looking at embracing creativity as well as letting go off some reigns so they might take charge; someone willing enough would absolutely love how much easier their job becomes when working alongside somebody open minded!


In 2023 web design trends, fonts will be taking a turn. Clean sans-serif typefaces are still the overwhelming favorites but bolder and larger styles may become more popular for headlines as well to make them shorter or place wisely on mobile screens so they don’t cause scrolling issues–key scaling strategies here!

Homepage and Beyond

Animation is an excellent way to add life and interactivity. In 2023, we’ll see even more animations in motion graphics or GIFs (don’t say “GIF” like the image file type). That said, video remains king on websites as well social media – with Facebook being a prime example of how powerful they can be when added effectively by developers who know what their doing!

Mobile is King

The design of your website is important, but it’s even more crucial to make sure that the site looks good on mobile devices. In America alone there are about 65-70% smartphone users who access internet content through their phones – and this number will only grow as time moves forward!

The trend today has been towards clean minimalist designs which work well with small screens like smartphones; these types can be found at most companies in business nowadays because they know how necessary creating a product people want while also making sure things look appealing when seen from afar off up close too really matter nowadays

Asymmetric Layouts

The creative and innovative have a new way to stand out from the rest. Introducing asymmetric designs for your site, which can make it look like you’re on top of trends before they even happen! This isn’t right for everyone though: if you want traditional eCommerce retailers or any company not based around creativity than this technique may not be best suited as an output choice – but personal blogs/marketing agencies might enjoy how much more modernized their content seems when introduced with some spice. A few years ago we wouldn’t have thought twice about seeing uneven ratios between colors; nowadays everything looks fancy

Bottom Line

While using all of these web design trends, it would probably result in a mess or at least a digital version of “The Homer Car” from “The Simpsons,” employing one or a few of these trends will help your company’s website stand out from the rest. This is why you hire professionals to design and build your site, rather than using one of the inexpensive template providers. Giving life to your site via bold colors and fonts, video, and clean design is a great way to modernize your digital presence. Formcode is here to help you rebuild and redesign your website. Contact us for inquiries

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