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Does Your Website Need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short), one of the things business owners big and small need to engage in, yet often-times do not (or at least not correctly). Either they think they do not need it, or they do it themselves to varying successes. One thing is certain, SEO should be a necessary part of your company’s marketing budget. Being visible at or near the top of search engine rankings can drive leads and engagement and helps to build trust with potential customers.


  • Our SEO Process

We will do a deep dive into your website to first find where you are ranking for relevant keywords in the markets you participate in. After we present our findings, we come up with a gameplan to strategically and efficiently implement keyword phrases, fresh content, and SEO/UX (user experience) design tweaks to optimize your site. From focusing on hyper-local or international rankings, Formcode has got you covered.

This is where you are reminded that patience is key. You will not shoot to the top overnight for keyword phrases. Please allow for 6-12 months of active and ongoing optimization of content, images, and site structure to see the results. Think of SEO as planting a garden. Of course, you wish the tomatoes and cucumbers were available the same day you plant the seeds, but that isn’t reality. You need to cultivate the soil, fertilize, plant, water, and maintain the garden for a period of time before you get to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. Search Engine Optimization is no different.

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We will go over each month’s reporting with you as we discover what is working and what needs adjustment. All of this is part of our way to deliver the positive results you are looking for. 

  • Your SEO Results

We have a great track-record of helping our clients drive engagement and ROI from their SEO campaigns. Every campaign is unique and yours will be no different. Higher rankings mean more eyeballs, which means more traffic. According to Amazee Metrics “The top-5 results in Google get almost 70% of clicks.” While we can’t guarantee all of your relevant keywords will be top-5, we do strive to get them all on the first page of the search results in the near-term and top-5 in the long term with number 1 being the ultimate goal. Once your results are top-5 or in the first position, the job is not done. There is ongoing work to keep top positioning while also working to get other relevant keywords to rank just as high.