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Happy Welcome Week, Challenge Detroit Participants!

Happy Welcome Week, Challenge Detroit Participants! 1

This isn’t the kind of welcome week that many incoming students will be partaking in at many universities across the country insofar as it’s a time for work, not play. Although there will be plenty of time for the latter throughout the process, this week is reserved for Challenge Detroit’s inaugural class to prepare for their most important journey to date.

The application process for Challenge Detroit began back in January 16 of this year. Since then, semi-finalists were selected, a community vote took place, finalists were selected, interviews were conducted, and, just last week, participants moved into housing. Basically, a lot of stuff has happened, and we’re excited to see that the participants will be beginning their year in Detroit in just about a week’s time.

Today has been a particularly busy day for the Challenge Detroiters. For starters, the inaugural class received a warm welcome from Mayor Dave Bing.

Happy Welcome Week, Challenge Detroit Participants! 2

But there was much to get to after this, as today kicked off the weeklong orientation for the participants. As far as where they will be living throughout the Challenge, Challenge Detroit Executive Director Deirdre Green Groves explained:

They’re living across the city. So we have folks that are living in Woodbridge renting a home. We have others that are living in Lafayette Park, and really enjoying that historic neighborhood. Others are in midtown, downtown; they’re everywhere, and that’s part of the story. That’s what makes this so exciting.

And we’re sure this excitement will only intensify as the participants become acclimated to their surroundings and really start to make a difference in their respective communities. But as a whole, the city of Detroit will be the real winner when it’s all said and done. We have the utmost confidence that these young individuals will do their part in making the dream of a revitalized Detroit a reality.

Considering the process started out with 900 applicants from all over the country, it’s easy to say that these 30 young men and women have come a long way, but their journey has really just begun. As the web developers for Challenge Detroit, our work also must go on as the website acts as an evolving tool in promoting and following the process. Stay tuned in to our Blog and visit the Challenge Detroit website to follow one of the most exciting things going on in the city right now.