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Don’t Be Content With Bad Content Writing

Don't Be Content With Bad Content Writing 1

Too many business owners believe they can handle the content writing for their website, and we’ve seen enough bad examples to know they probably shouldn’t. And why would you want to? You’re presumably busy dedicating yourself to the nuts and bolts of your business. Why not leave the writing up to someone who, you know, writes? As web designers, we are often frustrated to see good-looking sites brought down a notch by poor writing. We believe yours deserves better. After all, you wouldn’t expect to give yourself a better haircut than a barber would.

You may or may not realize it, but the web reads a lot differently than most printed text. That mostly has to do with the attention span of its readers. Here are a few things we consider when writing for the web:

  • Shorter sentences, words and paragraphs
  • Meaningful headlines
  • Bulleted lists (like this one)
  • Concise text
  • Highlighted and hyperlinked text (easy for scanning)
  • Single idea paragraphs

Web content needs to be tailored this way to appease its prospective audience. Web readers lack the patience of those who are reading a novel, for example. That mostly has to do with the fact that a novel can’t take you to YouTube, Facebook or a million other sites you’d likely enjoy. Web users are typically on the move. Therefore, most scan text rather than immerse themselves in it. Content writers who aren’t familiar with this concept are likely to lose an audience before they fully gain it.

A blog, like the one you’re reading right now, is an increasingly important forum for content writing. The use of a periodically updated blog will give your website a fresh presence and provide consumers with new information about your business. It also looks professional. There’s a good chance your competitors are utilizing one, so either join them or be left behind.

Effective content writing for your website and its blog will also boost your SEO profile. The more content your site has, the greater chance a search engine has at reading it.  Producing keyword rich content will lead to heavier traffic and a higher conversion rate. If you’re not writing properly for SEO, not nearly as many people will see the website you’re so geeked about.

Content writing is likely the first thing people skimp on when creating a website, and it makes sense why. If it’s your business, you most likely think that you are the best person to be writing for it. This notion also ensures that you won’t be shelling out any extra cash in the short term. But when it may potentially lose you new clients, leads or sales, is it really cost-effective to skimp?

Web users, clients and search engines tend to prefer the work of those who are dedicated to content writing. Not only do we understand this, we gladly offer the service to our clients. We doubt you’d mind a little less work on your fingers.