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The Importance of Updating your Website


The Importance of Updating your Website

In the intangible world of the internet, your website acts as a handshake for your customers. Just as in person, it is important that your handshake make a good impression. It is vital that your website is current, conveys a clear message, and is congruent with the ‘image’ of your business.

If your website is difficult to navigate, has a lack of information or looks disorderly, then your potential customers will leave your website without being introduced to your service/product. And they may never know that your company was exactly what they were looking for!

Here are five quick reasons why your website may need an immediate update:

  1. Your website isn’t search optimized.

It is essential that your website propagates on a search engine.

  1. There is background music on your site.

This will cause half of your potential customers to close the site immediately after opening. Small business website design

  1. The website is slow to load.

40% of your potential clients will leave your site if it doesn’t load efficiently.

  1. Your website isn’t responsive.

It is vitally important that your customers can load your site on their personal devices.

  1. Your business isn’t linked to social media.

Social media can spread your brand, and create relationships with current clients and potential clients.

Having a website that is appealing to the eye and is functional for the user is extremely important for the success of any business. We here at Formcode are dedicated to assisting our clients in building a website design that will enhance their business. Click here to fill out a form letting us know how we can help you improve your online ‘handshake’.