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Google Chrome Gets Its Mobile On

Google Chrome Gets Its Mobile On 1

If you had gone to the App Store anytime in the last week, you would have noticed a new #1 among the top free iOS offerings, and it didn’t take very long to happen.

Google Chrome Gets Its Mobile On 2

Just released last Tuesday and made available on June 28, the new Google Chrome browser for Apple’s iOS is quite the big hit, already compiling 8,013 ratings (just checked) and scoring 4.5 stars. The Chrome app has also made its Android debut, officially out of beta mode and available through Google Play. The new browser joins Opera, Dolphin and other marginal options as yet another alternative to mobile Safari.

Those who have enjoyed Chrome on their desktops over the years will be happy to know that its mobile cousin offers some of the same features such as integrated address and search box, tabbed browsing and the ability to switch tab positions. There is also an Incognito feature that lets you browse securely without having your history tracked. Sneaky…

More cool features: Chrome for iOS allows you to view open tabs, bookmarks and passwords from any other computer or device running the browser. In addition, you can send Web pages from your PC to your mobile device and read them remotely, even if you’re not connected to the Internet. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off no matter where you are. Quite enchanting.

So far the only black eye on the new browser is that it’s slightly slower than Safari. We’re getting pretty nitpicky on this one, though. After all, any browser other than Safari will always be slightly inferior technically speaking as long as Apple restricts APIs and access to features like Javascript enhancements from 3rd part apps. If you’re a fan of the other features Chrome boasts, we doubt an extra few tenths of a second in loading time will dissuade you. Wow, that just got a littler nerdy. We apologize.

Anyways, here’s a video of Google’s Brian Rakowski giving the lowdown on some of the things Chrome brings to the mobile market. Have a wonderful 4th of July, people!

[youtube GR8atxN51PE]