25 Oct 2019
Web Design and Development Tools

Developing Your Website: Basic Key Points That You Should Know

Websites from professional Detroit web design such as Formcode – Detroit Web Design & SEO are beneficial these days, especially with a generation of avid Internet users. It becomes a significant avenue for information. Businesses and organizations use websites as a place to communicate more with their audience. It also reaches a broader number of people […]

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30 Mar 2015
SEO Process

SEO process

One of the questions I ask before starting a new SEO Process is the existing capacity and flexibility to implement technical and content changes on the website, which can be highly facilitated or totally challenged by the characteristics of the content management system in use. Even with a professional SEO company services dedicated team of experienced web developers the […]

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02 Oct 2012
Cool 404 Pages: Helping Users Forget Your Website's Errors 1

Cool 404 Pages: Helping Users Forget Your Website’s Errors

Nobody likes running into 404 pages. They’re the ‘Out of Order’ signs of the Web. However, many companies have decided to make them a little more bearable through clever design. After all, the default 404 page (above…yeah, you know what it looks like) isn’t the most professional or aesthetically pleasing option. Ideally, you never want […]

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