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Web Design Trends To Look Out For in 2020

As people around me are used to hearing, your website is your storefront to the world. Wouldn’t you want that to look the absolute best it could? Of course, you do. That’s where we come in. Here at Formcode, we take pride in designing and building websites that not only look good but are user-friendly. 2020 is fast approaching (hello, Fall!) we wanted to give a peek into the latest design and UX trends for web design. 

Colors (Not the Ice-T song)

Several lists and blogs I have read mention that bold colors will be all the rage in 2020. This certainly makes sense for certain types of businesses, especially those that are B2C and have unique products and services to offer. We have a few clients that this would absolutely make sense for. You could also make the argument for more traditional industries like automotive manufacturers suppliers where adding bright, vivid colors would make them stand out even more in such a crowded and competitive marketplace. I think the right client, willing to let go of the reigns so to speak and embrace creativity would be the right place to showcase vivid, bright colors. 


Clean, sans-serif fonts remain the overwhelming favorites going into 2020. What’s different for this upcoming year? Bolder, bigger, more assertive fonts are poised to be taking the forefront, especially for hero/header areas and headlines. Of course, with bigger and bolder fonts, headlines will need to be shorter or at least more creatively placed to fit, especially on mobile. Scaling will be key. 

Homepage and Beyond

Adding parallax to your site remains a popular choice to give more life and the feeling of interactivity. 2020 brings a further push past parallax and into more animations, motion graphics, GIFs (pronounced with a “hard-G,” not a “soft-J”), illustrations, and of course videos. Video remains king, with more and more videos are being added to websites and social media alike. However, adding a stunning animation or drawing to your site will help you stand out amongst the rest. 

Mobile is King

As the trend has been, a clean, mobile-first, design will continue to be moving that way in 2020. Website traffic in the US is in the 65-70% range for mobile and will only gain more share as time moves forward. With that being said, creating designs that look – and work – best on phones is a priority for us and should be for your business, too. 

Asymmetric Layouts

Looking to really stand out amongst your competition and show that you are on the cutting edge of creativity? Look no further than presenting an asymmetric design to your site. When done right, it can look amazing. This isn’t for everyone, especially more traditional eCommerce retailers. However, personal blogs, marketing agencies, and other creative and creative adjacent companies could really show off by deploying this technique.

Bottom Line

While using all of these trends would probably result in a mess or at least a digital version of “The Homer Car” from “The Simpsons,” employing one or a few of these trends will help your company’s website stand out from the rest. This is why you hire professionals to design and build your site, rather than using one of the inexpensive template providers. Giving life to your site via bold colors and fonts, video, and clean design is a great way to modernize your digital presence.