Search Engine Optimization

Formcode understands that today's advanced SEO is more than a laundry list of best practices and repeatable tasks. Real SEO is the meticulous process of testing, analyzing and fine-tuning integrated site and page-specific strategies to deliver short and long-term ranking success that results in real conversions and real sales.

You need a solid foundation

Real SEO starts with a foundation built upon keyword research that is based on a solid understanding of your business, your customers, and your competition. We are your Michigan SEO Expert!


Real results are created with a winning recipe of high-quality content and links from relevant, topical authorities. We make sure your on-page and off-page strategies are in complete alignment in order to deliver the right targeted traffic to your website.


High rankings and traffic are worthless if you are not converting it into leads and sales. We optimize your inbound funnels and landing pages to ensure that your visitors are real leads that can grow your revenue and produce measurable ROI.


Search engine optimization (SEO) considers how potential customers find your products or services in search engines.

SEO is by far the best way to influence greater visibility in search engines to produce a consistent stream of qualified traffic to your website. Consider SEO services if you're interested in:

  • Gauging the competitiveness of your online search market through detailed competitor analysis
  • Reaching potential customers who are much more likely to convert because they are already expressing interest in the products and/or services you offer from their search query alone
  • Achieving increased website traffic, higher conversions and a significant ROI with a comprehensive SEO strategy

The Formcode Solution

Creating a content-driven, SEO-friendly website is key for getting it maximum exposure. We build sites with SEO in mind and can take it a step further by providing SEO services for our clients. Here are a few things we do:

  • Optimized Content Optimize content by formatting and tagging it properly.
  • Optimized Images Optimize images for search by naming and tagging them properly.
  • Site Localization Make sure that if content is specific to location, we capitalize on it by optimizing content around that location.

Google Analytics is another feature we can provide. By implementing it into our clients’ sites, it allows them the ability to see all of the essential data they collect over time.

If you like what we do, and think we could work together, then schedule an SEO consultation or launch our SEO project planner.

We aim to please.

  • “As our business needs change, Jim and his team at FormCode have been able to accommodate those changes with a very high level of expertise and professionalism.”

    — Paul Tran, Seminole Energy

  • Our overarching goal was to expand the user experience and build visual credibility for our construction firm. We envisioned an intimate site – encouraging user interaction with our people, our process, and our construction projects. From the very start of the development process, the Formcode team embraced this vision and worked tirelessly to not only meet our expectations but productively challenge us regularly to think outside the box. The result speaks for itself.

    — Kevin W. Leitz, Spence Brothers

  • “Great site design consists of a careful balance between aesthetics and functionality. Out of all of the web professionals I have worked with, there are only a select few who are masters at this and Formcode is at the top of that list.”

    — Matt Mosher, Co-Founder and CEO

  • “The compliments continue to pour in on our site, incredibly thankful for you guys”

    — Andy Meteer, Clarus Lighting

  • I am reaching out to the entire team at Formcode to express my highest level of appreciation and satisfaction for the newly designed web presence at

    As a commercial construction firm, we put a huge emphasis on the value of our project partner relationships. It was evident Formcode shared this value with us from the very start. I do look forward to the benefits that will serve Spence Brothers from this incredible
    creation as well as the trusted relationship we have formed throughout the project.

    — Kevin W. Leitz , Spence Brothers

  • “Everyone loves it! I think [the new site] has given an entirely new, fresh look to the Company. We can now speak to every customer segment that we serve and be confident that our message is coming across in a professional manner.”

    — Charlie Galvin, Seminole Energy/Lakeshore Energy