03 Feb 2011
Welcome to our path on the Design Continuum! 1

Welcome to our path on the Design Continuum!

Design Continuum

Design Continuum

Although there is an abundance of blogs out there ranging from any multitude of genres, we feel that it is now time to add our two cents to the pool.  What better way for us to communicate our new work, our fresh ideas and our takes on anything and everything design than to start our own page of relevant ramblings.  So now we’ve found our spot on the web for this daily digest  and you have too.  Hopefully you will find this informational landing page a nice pit stop along the daily surfings you embark on every day.  We promise to update it with the most current and relevent daily reads and hope to keep you engaged enough to keep coming back for more.

Formcode is making great strides in the world of design and although we hope our work speaks for this movement, we know that our future will be filled with great insight and growth on our path through the design continuum.

So sit back, strap in and enjoy the ride!