01 Aug 2012
Calvin Johnson (aka 'Megatron') Sighting! 1

Calvin Johnson (aka ‘Megatron’) Sighting!

Calvin Johnson (aka 'Megatron') Sighting! 2

We’re pretty sure Detroit Lions fans would have been pleased to be around Formcode this morning. Superstar receiver and Madden NFL 13 cover athlete (see below) Calvin Johnson was participating in a photo shoot right outside our office (see above)!

Calvin Johnson (aka 'Megatron') Sighting! 3

Standing 6’5 and weighing a solid 240 lbs, we got to see firsthand why Calvin’s nickname is “Megatron.” We’re hoping the highest-paid receiver in the league continues to prove his worth and doesn’t succumb to the dreaded Madden Curse (knocks on wood).