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The Importance of Updating your Website

In the intangible world of the internet, your website acts as a handshake for your customers. Just as in person, it is important that your handshake make a good impression. It is vital that your website is current, conveys a clear message, and is congruent with the ‘image’ of your business. If your website is […]

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Banishing an Ancient Curse from Detroit with a Parade, Costumes, and a Lot of Red

Are you looking for something to do that involves Detroit history, a parade, and silliness?  If you are, we have the event for you. On March 23rd from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in Cass Corridor neighborhood of Detroit is The Marche du Nain Rouge!  This annual event seeks to cast out the evil red devil that […]

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Detroit’s Free Art Fridays

In the last several years there has been quite a lot of buzz about Detroit’s growing art scene.  Artists are increasingly creating street art, innovative interactive art events, and exploring the intricacies of Detroit culture and society. One great example of the interesting things happening there in Detroit is the weekly event called Free Art Fridays. […]

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Clowns, Devils, and Witches! Oh My!

The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny, but this week the season has finally caught up with us, it’s autumn!  We here at Formcode love this time of year.  And Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We have decorated our homes, prepared our costumes, and carved our pumpkins.  We are ready for a […]

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Considering a website redesign?

Considering a redesign of your website? What should you do first? Many times clients come to us and say they would like to redesign their website. When asked basic questions like, what purpose will your website serve? Or what is your budget? Many clients give us a blank stare. Building a website is a complex […]

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What’s new at Formcode?

We’ve been busy over the last few months and we are finally ready to debut some of our new work!  What do you think? Zerobase specializes in off-grid systems that deliver power to some of the most rugged locations on the planet. They reduce the cost and risk of fossil fuel for government and commercial […]

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The Work of Art

Formcode begins its creative process with a conceptual thought and ends with a visionary solution. Not every individual has the talent to work in a creative field but everyone should be given the opportunity to determine whether their calling lies in the arts. But, with the budgets cuts plaguing education today we are seeing art […]

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Quite Pinteresting

The power of a social media site comes first and foremost from its users. Q: What would Facebook and Twitter be without over + 1 billion engaged fans? A: Nothing more than a couple of good ideas. Launched in March of 2010, Pinterest was just a good idea, too. Now, it’s alongside the aforementioned sites […]

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Welcome to our path on the Design Continuum!

Although there is an abundance of blogs out there ranging from any multitude of genres, we feel that it is now time to add our two cents to the pool.  What better way for us to communicate our new work, our fresh ideas and our takes on anything and everything design than to start our […]

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