The Importance of Updating your Website


In the intangible world of the internet, your website acts as a handshake for your customers. Just as in person, it is important that your handshake make a good impression. It is vital that your website is current, conveys a clear message, and is congruent with the ‘image’ of your business.

If your website is difficult to navigate, has a lack of information or looks disorderly, then your potential customers will leave your website without being introduced to your service/product. And they may never know that your company was exactly what they were looking for!

Here are five quick reasons why your website may need an immediate update:

  1. Your website isn’t search optimized.

It is essential that your website propagates on a search engine.

  1. There is background music on your site.

This will cause half of your potential customers to close the site immediately after opening.

  1. The website is slow to load.

40% of your potential clients will leave your site if it doesn’t load efficiently.

  1. Your website isn’t responsive.

It is vitally important that your customers can load your site on their personal devices.

  1. Your business isn’t linked to social media.

Social media can spread your brand, and create relationships with current clients and potential clients.

Having a website that is appealing to the eye and is functional for the user is extremely important for the success of any business. We here at Formcode are dedicated to assisting our clients in building a website design that will enhance their business. Click here to fill out a form letting us know how we can help you improve your online ‘handshake’.

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Banishing an Ancient Curse from Detroit with a Parade, Costumes, and a Lot of Red


Are you looking for something to do that involves Detroit history, a parade, and silliness?  If you are, we have the event for you. On March 23rd from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in Cass Corridor neighborhood of Detroit is The Marche du Nain Rouge!  This annual event seeks to cast out the evil red devil that haunts Detroit.

The legend of the Nain Rouge (French for red dwarf) starts with the arrival of French settlers to the banks of a river, to a land that would come to be known as Detroit.  The first sighting of the fiendish red dwarf of Detroit was by the founder of Detroit himself, Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac. After the sighting, it is told that, he lost his fortune.  Since that time, Nain Rouge has been the harbinger of ill fortune for the city of Detroit.  Legend has it that Nain Rouge is responsible for historic tragedies such as bloody battles, the great fire of 1805 (which destroyed the entire city), and the 12th Street Riot of 1967.

In 2010 a group of residents took it upon themselves to find Nain Rouge and chase him out of the city.  Ever since then, residence of Detroit have joined together every March to parade through the city dressed in costumes and chase the red devil away and celebrate the coming of spring.  More information can be found on the official Marche du Nain Rouge website or Facebook page.  This is an all ages free event that is open to the public. The only requirement is that everyone dress up in costumes or masks.  The parade starts in the parking lot of Traffic Jam & Snug (511 West Canfield Street) and culminates in Cass Park. There is also a 5k Run Du Nain Rouge happening earlier in the day that is open to the public. There are also several bars and restaurants that have their own events after the parade.

So, if you are looking for something to do on March 23rd that involves history, costumes, and community involvement… the Marche du Nain Rouge is the event for you.

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Detroit’s Free Art Fridays


In the last several years there has been quite a lot of buzz about Detroit’s growing art scene.  Artists are increasingly creating street art, innovative interactive art events, and exploring the intricacies of Detroit culture and society. One great example of the interesting things happening there in Detroit is the weekly event called Free Art Fridays. This is an interactive event that anyone can become involved in.  Think of it as an artsy scavenger hunt.  Every Friday, artists hide a work of art somewhere in the city like an Easter egg. They then post picture clues on the FAF Facebook or Twitter pages for anyone to find the art and take it home with them to enjoy.

The origin of Free Art Friday is a little hazy but it is credited as being started by a U.K. artist called ‘My Dog Sighs’. The Free Art movement was well underway by the time of the creation of the official FAF Flickr group in 2006, but this further expanded the exposure of the movement.  From then on the Free Art movement has used this weekly event as a tool to expand the cause and gain interest from the general public.  Since then, FAF has expanded across the globe to include participating cities in Europe, Israel, and Australia.

Free Art Friday is particularly popular because it is completely inclusive. Anyone can create a work of art and contribute. Any type of art can be made; sculpture, painting, fiber art, etc. The art can be placed anywhere in the city (as long as it does not damage the environment it is placed in). And anyone is free to find the art and take it home with them to enjoy.

Free Art Fridays have been going on in Detroit for years, and it is still going on strong. Get involved by going to their Facebook or Twitter page. Surprise yourself by creating your own work of art to share. Or go on an adventure in the city to find yourself a new original artwork for your home!

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Happy Holidays from Formcode!

formbot_blog copy

Formcode would like to wish everyone a safe happy holiday season and a fantastic New Year! As a fun treat for our readers and clients we have made an interactive holiday themed web oracle. We present to you Formbot!  Formbot has been programed with the latest in cutting edge technology. He takes readings from the stars, planets, biometric pressure, cosmic vibrations, molecular telemetry, and quantum photosynthesis in order to correctly answer your important binary questions. When you ask Formbot a yes or no question he will give you accurate and concise answer.  Enjoy! And from all of us here at Formcode Design Group, have a wonderful holiday season!

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41st Annual Noel Night


There is a crisp chill in the air and we have already seen the first snowfall of the year, but the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without attending Midtown Detroit’s 41st annual Noel Night.  This year, Noel Night is on Saturday December 7th from 5:00pm to 10:00pm in Detroit’s Cultural Center.  There will be open houses at over 70 locations and performances by over 200 local theater, music, and dance troupes. This free event also boasts horse drawn carriage rides, shopping, family crafts, and community sing-a-long led by the Salvation Army Band. Go to the Midtown Detroit Inc. website to find maps of the area with marked shuttle routes and places of interest.

For those looking for unique gift ideas from local companies and vendors, there will be plenty of opportunities to shop.  In fact, our sister company Little Trendstar will make their annual appearance and selling their goods!  Little Trendstar is a kids and infant clothing company which makes clothes that have impossibly cool graphics and major hipster style. They will be located on the C.C.S. campus in the Walter B. Ford building.  This event is a great opportunity for those who are not familiar with the city to see the Cultural Center at it’s best.


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